What Is Skullcap?

SKULLCAP:  No, it's not like baby cradlecap!  It gets its funny name because the little blossom looks like a medieval helmet.  Our good friend Dr. Axe says that skullcap, which is a medicinal plant in the mint family, has been used for many hundreds of years in traditional Chinese medicine. 

Beyond China, for over 200 years it's been a "go-to" for Americans and Europeans to help with calming anxiety in both humans and animals.  And helping everybody sleep better! 

It's known to be helpful for menstrual cycles as it stimulates the blood flow, but also helps with headaches,  lowering fevers, and relief from spasms. (Yes, there are people reporting help for tremors after taking Settle Down.)  It is very helpful for healing inflammation.

There are some studies that show it may help eliminate toxic free radicals. 

A recent study for learning about the heart-health effects of "baicalein" which comes from the root of skullcap showed that taking skullcap could prevent, or even possibly terminate some heart disease conditions!