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My Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder

For those of us who have bipolar disorder and anxiety attacks, and may be taking harsh anti-anxiety pills, there is a gentle solution to better mental and emotional balance.  It’s called “Settle Down”.  This product has really enhanced my life and does just that—it settles you down when nothing else helps.  I take several medications and “Settle Down” in no way interferes with the uptake of any of them.  I have used “Settle Down” often enough to know that I can take three capsules at the start of a panic attack or when I am totally stressed and unable to unwind and within minutes begin to feel a sense of calm and well-being restored.  My mind races 24-7 and I have difficulty sleeping, both of which “Settle Down” fixes for me.  “Settle Down” is a wonderful product and I don’t ever want to be without it.  (Lisa R.)

Prescription Drugs For PTSD? Not Me!

I served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged .  Adjusting back to civilian life was quite difficult. I didn't want to even go outside. Talk to people.  Find a job. The only lifestyle I knew was of the Marines. I went through a long process with the VA for disability compensation. While being assessed by multiple doctors I was finally diagnosed with PTSD and also performance and social anxiety. They wanted to stick me on medicine but I refused to take it mainly because I was afraid I would become so dependent and develop an addiction.

A friend referred me to Settle Down.  It has greatly helped me!  Depending on situations, I takefrom 2-5 capsules.  From the few months I've been taking this herbal supplement, I've noticed a tremendous change in my mood, attitude and anxiety.

(Rusty S.)

Help For Sleep Loss - I'm Normal Again!

I started taking SETTLE DOWN a few months ago, due to added stress in life causing sleep loss. It was recommended as an all-natural alternative for melatonin and other types (narcotic/drowsy) products.  The results were amazing to say the least from the very first day. I went from 3-4 hours of sleep a night, to 7-8 hours continuous a night. Settle down saved me from complete exhaustion,  I'm back to a normal functioning person.  (Jerrell M.)

9 Year Old Loves Settle Down

When I take my Settle Down capsule, it makes me feel calmer. When I take my Settle Down medicine the crazy side of my body is smaller. I listen better in class and to my teacher. It makes me feel happy and like a new person. I am happy to take it.
(Asa, Age 9)

Better Auditions for Opera Singer

As an opera singer, life can present some pretty stressful, nerve wracking, and anxious situations. Between auditions, performing a new role for the first time, and singing in a competition where money and career advancement are at stake, needing to stay calm, focused, and in control of something as simple as "breathing" is very important.

I've been taking the Settle Down pills before these types of events for over a year now and I've found myself having great success. Even if I don't land the job or advance and win a competition, the Settle Down pills have helped me replace the anxiety and doubt I used to feel with confidence and focus so that I can perform at my highest ability. Thank you, Maria, for sharing this product! It truly does make a difference.  (Colleen J.)

No More Anxiety Attacks For College Student

As a full-time college student who also works a full-time job. I can’t tell you the amount of times per week my nerves are frayed. I’ve often found myself in full-blown anxiety attackss, which believe me are not conducive to studying. I was lucky enough to receive a sample pack of Settle Down.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, would I feel like I’d taken a sedative? Would my brain feel sluggish? The answer is Nope! I felt great, like I was actually able to take a breath and tackle the next task on my list. I recommend Settle Down to anyone who wants a safe, natural alternative to anti-anxiety medication. (Erin F.)

Need A Few More Testimonials? We've Got Plenty!

Out of Control Dog Is Now Calm and a Pleasure!

Imagine a household that has never had pets, then becomes obligated to take care of an older, non-disciplined, male dog for a sick relative, term of care unknown.  

This animal by no fault of his own has been spoiled by being held almost constantly, allowed to sleep in the bed, fed people food and knows no commands at all, not even sit.  Due to the change for him and the fact we cannot or will not allow some of the same habits at our home, the dog became stressed.  

He began to howl, whine, scratch, mark, and hyperventilate.  We tried everything to help him to calm down, as there were times this would go on into the early morning.  We tried music, darkness, lavender candles, exercise, putting him in high traffic areas so he could see us, and so on.  Some methods would work for a while and he would calm down.  When we tried to reward him with attention for these calm moments, he would simply revert back to the very needy state again.  

Fortunately we found Settle Down.  We were told to give him half a capsule within ten minutes time he would be calm.  Skeptical but hopeful we gave it a try, and low and behold it worked!  WOW what a relief!  This formula relaxes him so he can sleep.  We have been giving him his nightly dose for a month now with no apparent side effects except a calmer environment for all!    Thank you

On Edge and Couldn't Get My Brain To Stop

I started using Settle Down and am so glad to have found it.  My head was always going inside and it never stopped. Everything in life made me nervous and on edge. Since I have been taking the pills I feel normal and calm again. I am sleeping good at night and I not on edge all the time. The huge plus with these pills is that they are all natural and don't upset my stomach and I don't feel medicated. I have recommended them to my friends and family. What a huge difference they have made in my life! * (Robbi K.)

Mom and 9 Year Old Son Find Help For ADHD Symptoms

Last year I had difficulty with paying attention, doing my homework, sitting still in class, and writing assignments. This year it has been easier for me to concentrate using the Settle Down pills. It has been easier to listen and pay attention to my teachers and work with my classmates and I don't blurt out answers in class anymore.             Ian P. (age 10),  Loveland, CO   

For years we having been looking for a natural way to help Ian with his ADHD symptoms and believe we have finally found the key to helping him in school and in life. By the end of last school year, we were very discouraged and thought we were going to have to take the medication route; however, this summer we found the Settle Down pills and they have come to our rescue!  In conjunction with taking fish oil and mineral supplements (Zinc Liver Chelate and Min-Tran by Standard Process), I believe the Settle Down pills are the solution to helping him pay attention, follow directions, keep on task, complete assignments and be less impulsive in class.  His teachers have already noticed a marked improvement over last year and we are excited to go to school again!  We are so thankful for the Settle Down pills.  We have been praying and believe this is the answer!           Melissa P. (Ian’s mom),  Loveland CO 

Amazing Help For Depression

n January 2014, my husband of 28 years was diagnosed with rectal cancer. Two weeks later, he underwent surgery to remove a tumor the size of a golf ball. He went through chemo and radiation. During this time my youngest daughter was getting ready to graduate from High School. These two large changes in my life sent me into a depression. A very good friend knew the trouble I was having and knew that I didn't want to go on medication. She brought ten of these Settle Down pills to me at work. I truly began to feel better almost right away.  I tell people, if this is just a mental thing and the herbs aren't really working, who cares it is working for me!!  I take two when I wake up in the morning and two later in the day.  I was able to beautifull manage my daughter leaving for college.  I truly believe without these pills I would not be functioning as well as I am.

Helps 11 Year Old Focus In School and Stay Out of Trouble

My name is Joey.  I have a hard time in school.  After lunch I take 1 capsule and it helps me do my schoolwork.  My Grandma gives me 1 when I get wound up and don't want to listen to her.  Settle Down helps me stay out of trouble!

Help For Tremors and Anxiety

I have a condition called "Essential Tremor."  It can affect your limbs and your voice box (Think of Katherine Hepburn.)  When I am anxious, my tremors worsen from a 3-4 range to a 7-8.  Yesterday, at the age of 60, I earned my Black Belt in Jiujutsu!  I did my test in front of friends, family and 5 other masters who were evaluating me.  Of course I was very nervous, but with the Settle Down, I was OK! My anxiety was at a mucn lower level and I passed!  I intend on taking Settle Down daily to help with my overall anxiousness.  THANK YOU!  (Greg O., Denver CO)