What Is GABA?

It's pronouned like "guava".  If this word sounds like nonsense baby talk to you, just know it's easier to say "GABA" than "Gamma-Amino-Butyric-Acid". GABA is an amino acid and "neurotransmitter" that is actually created in our own bodies. Neurotransmitters are sometimes referred to as the body's chemical messengers. They communicate information between our brain and the nervous system.  These messages can affect heart rate, sleep, mood and fear.

Think of GABA like the brakes in a car to help it slow down at a stop sign. 

(Hmm -- pretty good description of what we'd love our minds to do as they churn up every last bit of our lives from the past 40 years at 2:00 a.m. while we try to relax and sleep. YES! Get my mind some brakes!)

Although our brains produce GABA on their own, there's research showing that not enough of it creates feelings of depression, anxiety and stress -- and sleeplessness. 

As a natural supplement (formed from organic compounds), GABA can help us to create the right balance to reduce feelings of anxiety and fear -- and relax for better sleep.  If we're experiencing feelings of fear or panic, have inadequate or ineffective sleep, there may very well be a physical reason for it!

I stopped by my local GNC store to see a bottle of it, which they did not have or know very much about.  I'm very glad to have found it through SETTLE DOWN.

I did a great deal of reading on GABA, and my favorite article "Is Your Brain Making Enough GABA?" is HERE