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Many children and adults struggle with "busy brain," mind-chatter, and nervous restlessness that distract  them from staying "on task."  Their problem becomes a problem for their teachers, classrooms and families.

"I was in the 6th grade and having a lot of problems at school.  My parents thought I needed medicine or therapy.  My Dad found Settle Down. Right away I could start doing my work and getting stuff done. I am in the 8th grade.  I take one every day and I can concentrate lots better. I used to get really stressed out and worried, but I don't anymore."  (Will, Age 14)

"When I take my Settle Down, it makes me feel calmer. The crazy side of my brain gets smaller!  I listen better in class and to my teachers.  It makes me feel happy and like a new person.  I am happy to take my little capsule!"  Asa, Age 9.


Many adults also struggle with brains that "just won't stop."   This anxiety, lack of focus and  nervous restlessness takes a significant toll on productivity and a sense of peace and control.  

Countless adults also have difficulty turning everything off and sleep at night,

Settle Down is an encouraging new resource for success and a sense of calm peacefulness  during the day and rest at night.

What Is "Settle Down"?

"Nutritional deficiency is at the root of all mood disorders, focus issues, panic and anxiety disorders, sleeplessness and restlessness.  

Medication is a "band-aid" for the nutrient dense nutrition required  for the adrenals which monitorthe "fight of flight" behaviors.  

Settle Down shores up the adrenals with vitamins and quiets excessive neural activity in the braiin with calming herbs.

Settle Down provides the additional supplementation many adults and children need to create the brain chemicals that allow us to relax, focus and better succeed at school and work.  One small capsule -- big happy results!"

Dr. Maria Boldry, Formulator

Meridian Magazine and Settle Down Capsules

Settle Down Ingredients

All-Natural and All-Wonderful!  Settle Down contains 4 herbs + 2 vitamins  + 1 amino acid.  These particular ingredients nourish the adrenal glands and promote the chemicals your brain needs!  These all-natural micro-nutrients contain more power than is possible in a regular diet.

Meridian Testimonials

Meridian Reader Reed Parry:
"My adult son struggles with anxiety attacks.   He now takes Settle Down Capsules as he feels attacks coming on and is much, much calmer.    It helps him manage so much other stress he deals with as well.  We are grateful for this great product for him!

Carolyn Allen & Meridian

Carolyn Allen has been a Meridian Columnist since 2007 and has brought Meridian readers the remarkable My Miracle Detox and Voxxlife Power Socks.  Now she introduces Settle Down!   Its getting rave reviews from her readers and she's sleeping better than in years!