5 Herbs + 2 Vitamins + 1 Amino Acid = 1 Great Day!


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Better Sleep
Less Anxiety
Mood & Tremors Improvement


Parents & Teachers RAVE About Progress For

Focus & Distraction


Veterinarians LOVE Recommending For

Excessive Barking
Skittish Behavior

Does it really work? Oh, yeah. Here's proof:

Stops Panic Attacks

"For those of us familiar with harsh anti-anxiety pills for Bipolar, this is a gentle solution!  I can take 3 capsules at the start of a panic attack or when stressed and within minutes feel a sense of calm. It stops my racing mind and helps me sleep too. I don't ever want to be without it!"  (Lisa R.)

3rd Grader Thrives

"Settle Down makes me feel calmer.  I listen better in my class and to my teacher.  It makes me feel happy and like a new person.  My Mom  likes it because she can take it whenever needed for when she can't get her mind to stop running."   (Asa P., Age 9)

Blessed Sleep

"Added stress was causing severe sleep loss.  Settle Down was recommended as an alternative to melatonin and prescription narcotics.  What  a blessing!I went from 3-4 of sleep to 7-8 hours of continuous sleep. Without side effects!"   (Jerrell M.)

Need More Testimonials?

What Is Settle Down? An Herbal Supplement For ANXIETY and STRESS!

Settle Down was created by a certified naturopathic doctor to help her husband who just couldn't "settle down."  When she began to share his remarkable results with her other patients. they also tried it and found that they too, could "settle down" and enjoy life more.

STRESS caused by nutritional deficiency plays a major role in the anxiety many of us live with.  Settle Down Capsules have been shown to address stress quickly and effectively!  MORE